Pre-Owned Specialty Items

Have a need for a used specialty tank trailer? Used FRP trailers, used liquid nitrogen trailers and used cryogenic trailers are just a few options the Olsta Company offers.  Please contact us today for a complete list of our specialty tank trailers for sale.

Contact us at 936-291-7940 or via email at

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  1. Sell Your Trailer
    Sell Your Trailer
    Trailer Inventory #: Sell Your Trailer
    • Trailer Type: All
    • Compartments: No
    • Location: Anywhere
    • Capacity: No
  2. 2015 Clark Flatbed Trailer
    2015 Clark Flatbed Trailer
    Trailer Inventory #: 115904
    • Trailer Type: Flat Bed
    • Compartments: N/A
    • Location: Huntsville, TX
    • Capacity: N/A

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