Tank Trailer Repair & Service

From a light bulb to a rollover, we've got you covered. Technicians are DOT and NBIC “R” Stamp certified Fort Worth and Waxahachie Tank Works help keep your Petroleum, Chemical, Crude and Dry Bulk Pneumatic tanks on the road with exceptional service. Tank Works technicians undergo extensive training to ensure your tank trailers are serviced correctly every time. In the shops and on the road, diagnostic and repair tools are state-of-the-art for accurate repairs and maintenance, completed as quickly as possible.

HM183 Inspections and Testing of DOT 306/406, DOT 307/407 and DOT 312/412 Large Barrel Repairs including Rollovers, Barrel Sections and Major Accidents Minor repairs.  We cover Lights, Electrical, Air Systems, Suspensions, and Overfill System Repairs as well as Troubleshooting of Scully, Civacon, FloTech, Garnet and Titan systems. Polishing and Decaling services are also available. Both Tank Works facilities are Certified as a Heil, Polar, Brenner, L.B.T. & Tremcar Warranty claim service shop. 

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