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  1. Hydraulic Valve- Betts
    Product #: Hydraulic Valve- Betts
  2. Betts Wet-R-Dri Valve
    Product #: Betts Wet-R-Dri Valve
  3. Butterfly Valve- Civacon
    Product #: Butterfly Valve- Civacon
  4. Emergency Valve- Civacon
    Product #: Emergency Valve- Civacon
  5. Trailer Relief Valve- Civacon
    Product #: Trailer Relief Valve- Civacon
  6. Trailer Relief Valve- Dixon Bayco
    Product #: Trailer Relief Valve- Dixon Bayco
  7. Handle Kit Notch Plate
    Product #: Handle Kit Notch Plate
  8. Handle Kit- Aluminum
    Product #: Handle Kit- Aluminum
  9. Handle Kit- Painted Steel
    Product #: Handle Kit- Painted Steel
  10. Blower Relief Valve- Kunkle
    Product #: Blower Relief Valve- Kunkle
  11. QRB Valve- Betts
    Product #: QRB Valve- Betts
    Product #: V-300-P-H-0205
    Product #: 1655-200802

Items 1-45 of 51

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Valves and vents include any part that opens and closes to allow product, air, or vapor to move throughout the tank trailer or hose. This includes emergency valves, vapor valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, gate valves, pressure/vacuum vents, sequential vents, and many other styles.  

Valve and vent product line includes: Civacon, Betts, B.T.I., Dixon Bayco, Kunkle

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