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    Product pumps are used to load or unload product into a trailer and are available with a variety of customizable options. Available product pumps are Ranger, Roper, or Blackmer as well as all rebuild kits.What you need to know when buying a pump:

    - What product are you loading and/or unloading?
    - What kind of seals do you need?
    - What size piping are you connecting the inlet and outlet ports to?
    - Will the pump be driven by a PTO shaft, hydraulics, or electricity?
    - If driven by a PTO shaft, what location and position will you mount the pump?
    - What is the desired flow rate?

    When buying a pump for a new application, please call to discuss the correct pump is being used for your specific needs.

    “Be always sure you are right- then go ahead”- Davy Crockett

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