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  1. Pipe Bend
    Product #: Pipe Bend
  2. Pipe Coupling
    Product #: Pipe Coupling
  3. Pipe Cross
    Product #: Pipe Cross
  4. Pipe Nipple
    Product #: Pipe Nipple
  5. Pipe Reducer
    Product #: Pipe Reducer
  6. Pipe Tee
    Product #: Pipe Tee
  7. Pipe Y
    Product #: Pipe Y
  8. U-BOLT, 3-1/2", FOR 3" PIPE
    Product #: 42044 EXT THREADS

26 Items

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Tank trailer pipe and pipe fittings are used for both the product and vapor lines on tank trailers. The piping is only available in aluminum and steel, and is offered in 40 and 80 gauge. 

The aluminum weldable fittings include belled bends, tees, crosses, and Y fittings. The various degrees available allow you to replace existing or damaged piping.  The pipe fitting product line includes Allegheny and Betts.

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