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  1. Hydraulic Valve- Betts
    Product #: Hydraulic Valve- Betts
  2. PRODUCT Drop Elbow- Civacon
    Product #: PRODUCT Drop Elbow- Civacon
  3. Sight Glass- Jikoh
    Product #: Sight Glass- Jikoh
    Product #: GDV-API-4-BL-A1

35 Items

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Product delivery elbows are a dual point system allowing you to deliver product or vapor to an underground tank. Options available for product and vapor delivery elbows include both 3” and 4” male adapter or female coupler. Product delivery elbow lines include Civacon, Dixon-Bayco, and PT Coupling. 

Nozzles are used for the re-fueling of vehicles, aircraft, or containers. Gas/diesel nozzles are usually found on petroleum trailers or bobtail units and vary in flow rate, manual or automatic cut-off, inlet size, spout size, and spout material.  Nozzle product line includes Dixon and EBW. Swivels are also available which connect the nozzle to the hose, and offers several size options and designs.

Replacement nozzle parts vary on the nozzle model, but typically include latches, spouts, and seals.  

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