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The Case for 2205 Duplex Steel

The benefits of using 2205 duplex steel in tank construction aren’t theoretical. They’re real, and they’re many. It has proven to be stronger, more resistant to pitting corrosion, and thermal shock. 


With the use of 12-gauge metal, as opposed to 10-guage 316 stainless steel, we have found that 2205 is stronger, tougher, and up to 700 pounds lighter.


We have talked to our customers and other carriers who, combined, have had about 600 2205 trailers hauling all kinds of products over the last three to five years—and fewer than 20 experienced any pitting in that span. With a 45% increase in pitting resistance in the 2205 trailers in our fleet, we can offer customers greater assurances against a variety of products, which, in turn, improves the lessee-lessor relationship.


With improved heat resistance in 2205 trailers, carriers can load products at 400 degrees Fahrenheit and higher without fear of thermal shock, and the resulting barrel deformation. John Cannon, Wabash National VP, said, "duplex steels are virtually immune (to damage), and with all of the hot-product tanks we’ve made out of 2205, at this point I’m not aware of a single episode of thermal shock or buckling of the tank.”

Bottom line, 2205 trailers are built to stay on the road with the customers, and earning revenue. 2205 isn't bullet proof, but the results that we have seen definitely get us excited and as a result, we are adding more 2205 trailers to our fleet every year.

This is a summary of the 2205 Duplex Seel presentation presented by Chris Kern, Lease Fleet Manager for The Jack Olsta Co, and John Cannon, Vice President for Wabash National, at Tank Truck Week in Nashville, TN. You can read more about 2205 and the presentation on Bulk Transporter, a publication of Endeavor Business Media.


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