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Tank Trailer Type Information

Petroleum / Gas Tank Trailers

These tank trailers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to account for the hauling of different petroleum by-products such as ethanol, diesel, and gasoline. The different types of shapes are double taper, straight-bottom, and troughed. These types of trailers can be 1 to 6 compartments and anywhere from around 3000 Gallons to around 8000 Gallons depending on your load density and product. Some features worth noting before buying petroleum/gas tank trailers are things such as metal, capacity, code, shape, vapor recovery, hose carrier, and overfill. 


Dry Bulk Tank Trailers

Tank trailers supporting all dry bulk goods such as resin pellets, sand, and powders. They are measured by cubic feet in how much they can haul and have a designation of a ‘small cube’ and ‘large cube’ based on the cubic feet area. The main feature of these dry bulk trailers is the manholes that drop the material from below to allow for an easy flow. Some features worth noting before buying dry bulk tank trailers are things such as shape, code, capacity (small cube vs large cube), manways, and aeration. 


Chemical Tank Trailers

Chemical tank trailers allow for the transport of sensitive materials that contain certain pressure or heat ratings that need to be maintained. This liquid is usually acidic, corrosive, flammable, or toxic. Most of these trailers use high-quality stainless steel that is durable for these potentially dangerous products. Capacity usually sits around 3,800 gal. and can be as much as around 11,000 gals. depending on the product being hauled. A DOT code of DOT-407 or DOT-412 will tell you it meets government regulations. Sub-categories include trailers such as an FRP trailer which includes reinforced plastic for corrosive products. Some features worth noting before buying chemical tank trailers are shape, code, capacity, insulation, pressure rating, and heat rating. 


Crude Tank Trailers

Specifically designed to haul oil from worksite to any destination. Some features worth noting before buying crude trailers are shape, capacity, pressure rating, overfill, and vapor recovery. 


Asphalt Tank Trailers

These types of trailers are specific for asphalt in that they are more insulated than normal tank trailers and usually contain a heating device to keep the asphalt in a non-solid state while transporting. Also known as hot oil tank trailers. Some features worth noting before buying asphalt tank trailers are things such as shape, capacity, heat rating, and pressure rating. 


How We Buy

We buy used tank trailers that are quality tested and hand-picked by our staff. Our reputation ensures that our tank trailers meet all of your goals! From tank trailers in California to tank trailers in Maine, we at the Jack Olsta Co. have you covered. Special packages and clean-up options are available so please contact us at 936-291-7940, for all your used tank trailer needs!

We offer Asphalt Tank Trailers, Chemical Tank Trailers, Fuel Tank Trailers, Dry Bulk Tank Trailers, LPG Tank Trailers, Portable Storage Bins, Crude Tank Trailers, and plenty more! Anything you can think of in the Tank Trailer world and we'll find it for you!

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