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Dixon Bayco Training
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The Jack Olsta Co. was fortunate enough to send an employee from the Parts Department for some hands on training at the Dixon Headquarters in Chestertown, Maryland. This two day ‘Selling the Right Connection’ training included 15 representatives selected by Dixon’s upper management ranging from East Coast to West Coast, and even included a representative from Mongolia.  The class was broken into three groups which toured the Dixon Innovation Shop, warehouse, and manufacturing plant to cover a variety of product subdivisions offered by Dixon. The part sub-divisions were Cam and Groove, Outside Air, Inside Air, Dixon Quick Coupling, Dry Disconnects, Swivels, Petrochemical, and King Crimp.

Although Dixon has always had a very strong reputation within our industry, the service and hospitality exceeded all expectations when they opened the doors to their ‘house’. Their character was immediately evident by leading the first presentation with Dixon’s core values. The 2-day instruction was based on a wealth of product knowledge coupled with a collection of ‘in the field’ success stories. Class participants engaged in hands-on training, group discussions, and a friendly competition to close out the academy.  The Dixon staff was extremely welcoming and helpful throughout the entire academy, and deserves praise for their hospitality.

As our industry grows and competition increases, it’s great to see the personal touch from such a large player in the Tank Trailer industry. Thank you for leading by example!