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Tuthill Distributor
2 years ago 467 Views

The Jack Olsta Family of Companies is proud to be a distributor for the Tuthill Transport Blower line within the Southeast region of the United States.  We are excited to partner with Tuthill launching the newly designed T855 and T1055 transport blowers which offer the same rugged performance and reliability as the T850 and T1050 versions but with higher efficiency and 40lbs in weight savings.  This newly designed high efficiency lobe blower is the perfect fit within the dry bulk transportation industry to pneumatically convey products such as sand, cement, powders, plastic pellets, and granular material.  

Whether its vacuum loading or pressure unloading this new design has the capability to outperform all other brands on the market today in quality, reliability, durability, efficiency, and cost savings.  We also have the capability to supply you with blower packages which can include items such as mounting kits, Pre cleaners, Inlet filters, Mufflers, Silencers, Discharge filters, Hump hoses, Vacuum breakers, and Pop off valves. 

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